The Children’s Fund supports children who are in need, hardship or distress and with a parent serving or ex-serving of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, the RFA and their Reserves aged up to the age of 25.

We support around 2000 children every year, around 85% of whom are disabled, ill or bereaved or have a disabled or ill parent.

As a benevolent organisation we, in the main, provide emergency grants in times of crisis or more significant grants for equipment or services linked to their disability or illness. We, in turn, are supported by Trinity House and other key funders to ensure that our children are not disadvantaged by their parents’ service to the Country. Families are assessed by one of our team of caseworkers and help is given wherever possible as well as guidance, counselling, signposting to other organisations and broader support.

To find out how to get help visit our website or email