The Trinity House Maritime Charity is the UK’s largest-endowed maritime charity, with a mandate to provide education, training and welfare for mariners of all ages.

This work is financed entirely through our registered charities, separate from our work as a General Lighthouse Authority.

Predating even the 1514 Royal Charter, our charitable duties emphasise training for prospective Merchant Navy officers and care for aged or distressed mariners and their dependants. We also provide grants for many other maritime charities whose objectives align with our own.

Today, the charity disperses over £5 million to meet our goals; this includes providing almshouses for retired mariners and their dependants in Walmer, Kent and sponsoring cadets through the Merchant Navy Scholarship Scheme.

For centuries Trinity House has been an investor in skills and training, to ensure that our nation’s mariners are world class and our maritime industries are successful and sustainable.

At the time of our first Royal Charter in 1514, we were already maintaining almshouses for aged mariners and their dependants, near the Naval Dockyard at Deptford; today we have 18 purpose-built retirement homes at Walmer in Kent

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