Buoys, beacons and bananas

Buoys, beacons and bananas

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Trinity House is proud to be part of the UK’s busy, varied and vital maritime sector.

In support of our wider aims as a maritime corporation, we want to help young learners understand the importance of the sea to our island nation, and for them to understand how ships and seafarers help the UK connect to the rest of the world.

We hope that educators and pupils will also learn that Trinity House plays an important part in their lives by providing safety measures (such as lighthouses and buoys) and cadet training that help ensure the sea-borne movement of food and goods, all of which have come to be such an essential aspect of our everyday lives.

As part of our commitment to the environment, these resources are available to download as interactive PDFs rather than printed materials.

What will pupils learn?

Our Key Stage 1 resources use slides, videos, worksheets and games to teach pupils to recognise that the food we see in our local supermarket comes from different locations all over the world, and to appreciate the importance of shipping as a means of transporting goods from overseas.

Our Key Stage 2 resources use slides, videos, worksheets and games to teach pupils that the UK is an island nation reliant on trade links with the rest of the world; as such, the nation’s maritime sector has a vast range of job types, including seafarers, engineers, designers, port operators and more.

Pupils will be able to think about how these roles work at sea and on shore, and understand that Trinity House provides training for young people who want to be seafarers to ensure they can undertake their work safely and efficiently at sea.

Pupils will also learn about the role of aids to navigation such as lighthouses and buoys in keeping ships and seafarers safe at sea, and explore their own ideas about designing visual systems to convey messages to mariners about safe passages and hazards.

Our Key Stage 3 resources use slides, videos, worksheets and games to give pupils a more advanced understanding of the role the maritime sector plays in the UK’s prosperity, and the huge range of diverse, interesting and important jobs that keep food and goods moving in support of Britain’s economy.

Pupils will learn how Trinity House keeps ships and seafarers safe by providing a mix of aids to navigation and training for seafarers, keeping the movement of commercial shipping safe, constant and vital at a time when globalisation has made the world a smaller and more connected place.

Pupils will also be challenged to work within a team to address and solve design problems given to them, developing specifications for innovative and functional products that respond to stakeholder needs.

We hope that both teachers and pupils have an enjoyable and informative time using this resource.

We welcome feedback from educators at enquiries@trinityhouse.co.uk.

Please note that this education resource replaces the ‘Safe at Sea’ printed and digital resources as of November 2019.

Looking for cadetship information?

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