The Key Stage 3 resources

Our Key Stage 3 resources use slides, videos, worksheets and games to give pupils a more advanced understanding of the role the maritime sector plays in the UK’s prosperity, and the huge range of diverse, interesting and important jobs that keep food and goods moving in support of Britain’s economy.

Pupils will learn how Trinity House keeps ships and seafarers safe by providing a mix of aids to navigation and training for seafarers, keeping the movement of commercial shipping safe, constant and vital at a time when globalisation has made the world a smaller and more connected place.

Pupils will also be challenged to work within a team to address and solve design problems given to them, developing specifications for innovative and functional products that respond to stakeholder needs.

Three lessons:

  • Just the job
  • Safety at sea
  • Global connections

Available: Pupil slides (interactive PDF) and Teachers’ Notes (PDF) for each lesson.

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 education resources are also available.

Download the resources

Please download the interactive slides and teachers' notes for free from the library below.