A career at sea in the Merchant Navy is one of the most satisfying and worthwhile occupations it is possible to have. From the start, you will learn to stand on your own two feet, experience early responsibility, work with the latest technology, meet like minded people from different nationalities, see the world and be well paid for doing so.

There are excellent career opportunities for young people who can meet the minimum academic requirements and have a practical and enthusiastic approach to life.

Just be Maritime provides management consultancy services in support of the Merchant Navy Scholarship Scheme. For comprehensive guidance on maritime careers, Officer Cadetships and career progression, please refer to Just Be Maritime’s website at www.justbemaritime.com

Great opportunities await you

A career in the Merchant Navy can be rewarding and exciting. Training with Trinity House offers a dimension not available in other schemes.

Trinity House Yeomen

The title Trinity House Yeoman was introduced in 2002 for all former Trinity House cadets, to recognise the completion of their training through the Trinity House Merchant Navy Scholarship Scheme and the Professional Yacht Bursary Scheme. It is available to all Trinity House sponsored cadets, once they have obtained their Certificate of Competency. Trinity House Yeomen include Deck, Engineering, Electro Technical and professional yacht officers.

The Yeomen Scheme is designed to retain a link with the Corporation of Trinity House and to monitor and follow the careers of Yeomen and where requested, to offer assistance on future career options that individuals may consider, both at sea and ashore.

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