The title Trinity House Yeoman was introduced in 2002 for all former Trinity House cadets, to recognise the completion of their training through the Trinity House Merchant Navy Scholarship Scheme.

It is available to all Trinity House sponsored cadets, once they have obtained their Certificate of Competency. Trinity House Yeomen include Deck, Engineering, Electro Technical and professional yacht officers.

The Yeomen Scheme is designed to retain a link with the Corporation of Trinity House and to monitor and follow the careers of Yeomen and where requested, to offer assistance on future career options that individuals may consider, both at sea and ashore.

Each Yeoman receives a Certificate of Recognition from the Corporation of Trinity House, together with a unique Trinity Yeomen roundel - which each Yeoman is entitled to wear on the right sleeve of your uniform jacket. The roundel signifies that the officer is a former Trinity House Cadet and maintains an on-going connection with the Corporation of Trinity House.

Each Yeoman is able to keep in touch with Trinity House and with their fellow former cadets in the years ahead - something that could be of significant advantage later on in their careers.

There is access to the password-protected section of this website, so that Yeomen can keep in touch with your fellow Yeomen, and share their experiences and opinions on industry related issues.

Trinity House Yeomen

Become one of the Trinity House Yeomen once you have completed the Trinity House Merchant Navy Scholarship Scheme