The Key Stage 2 resources

Our Key Stage 2 resources use slides, videos, worksheets and games to teach pupils that the UK is as an island nation reliant on trade links with the rest of the world; as such, the nation’s maritime sector has a vast range of job types, including seafarers, engineers, designers, port operators and more.

Pupils will be able to think about how these roles work at sea and on shore, and understand that Trinity House provides training for young people who want to be seafarers to ensure they can undertake their work safely and efficiently at sea.

Pupils will also learn about the role of aids to navigation such as lighthouses and buoys in keeping ships and seafarers safe at sea, and explore their own ideas about designing visual systems to convey messages to mariners about safe passages and hazards.

Four lessons:

  • Britain as an island nation
  • Jobs at sea
  • Safety at sea
  • Global connections

Available: Pupil slides (interactive PDF) and Teachers’ Notes (PDF) for each lesson.

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 3 education resources are also available.

Download the resources

Please download the interactive slides and teachers' notes for free from the library below.