3/2024 2025 Aids to Navigation Review

Trinity House Notice to Mariners, 15/02/2024



The General Lighthouse Authorities (GLA) will be undertaking a review of Aids to Navigation (AtoN) provision around the coasts of Great Britain and Ireland during 2024. The Review will be published in 2025 and will inform the GLAs’ work plans for the following five year period.

The GLA provide a comprehensive and sustainable network of AtoN for General Navigation and are responsible for the Superintendence and Management of Local AtoN provided by Local Lighthouse Authorities.

The SOLAS Convention requires the provision of “such Aids to Navigation as the volume of traffic justifies and the degree of risk requires”. The 2025 review will consider all AtoN on the coasts of Great Britain and Ireland, both individually and as AtoN systems.

The GLA consider good quality user input to be an essential component of this review. Users of Marine AtoN are invited to contribute to the review by commenting on:

  • The usefulness and usability of existing AtoN provided by the GLAs.
  • Any proposed requirement for the provision of new AtoN.
  • The mix of AtoN provided including lighthouses, buoys, beacons, Racons and AIS AtoN.
  • The benefit to users of providing additional data from AtoN such as meteorological data.
  • The effectiveness of systems used to promulgate information relating to AtoN.
  • Any other AtoN related issues.

Comments regarding AtoN provision around England, Wales and the Channel Islands should be addressed to navigation @trinityhouse.co.uk before 31st May 2024.

By Order,

Commander N. Hare

Director of Navigational Requirements

Trinity House,

Tower Hill,



15th February 2024