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Our wedding was a gathering of nomads, expatriates and wanderers – and the maritime theme of Trinity House suited us perfectly. Inside the impressive opposing façade, there’s a human scale and warmth to Trinity House that we and our guests loved. Out-of-towners were amazed at the views from the Library Room and the chance to toll the HMS Britannia bell thrilled the children. But what was really for an unforgettable day was the superb support from Zoë Richards and the Trinity House team. Zoë shares her knowledge with a friendly ease that is remarkably rare. Our wedding day unfolded seamlessly and joyously, thanks to her foresight and support.

At Trinity House you’ll find some rare features that could make all the difference to your big day. First, the house is remarkably well proportioned. For groups smaller than 100, your party won’t be swamped by the surroundings. Second, its maritime theme saturates Trinity House with a story as rich in its promise as in its past. For a celebration like a wedding, thinking in the future-tense is important. Third, the event team at Trinity House offers top-notch professional support. The imaginative attention Zoë offers couples planning a once-in-a-lifetime event is of the calibre money can’t buy. For one reason: it’s anchored in trust, kindness and care. So what if 36-hours before the big day the baker can’t bake the cake, it’s Saturday and it’s snowing? In Zoë’s hands even big problems melt away.

Photography Credit: Lyndsey Goddard -