When Glen and I first stepped foot into Trinity House, we knew it was the place for our ceremony. We had been to a few places before, but all felt drab and dingy. Not Trinity House. It just glows. Maybe it's the beauty of the rooms with the stained glass windows and unbeatable views, or it's Zoe. The delightful Zoe Turner certainly helped to make our choice a "no brainer".

As most will find, it is not easy planning a wedding in London for 100 people. Most venues are either too vast and absurdly priced or far too small. For our reception, we fell in love with the RIBA (66 Portland Place) with its stark art deco feel. However, for our ceremony we wanted something more intimate and historical. Something classically "British" for the American guests attending the wedding. One could not ask for more historical British glamour than Trinity House. The grand staircase in the entry, the paintings on the walls, the views, the Court Room, the Library and even the toilets were beautiful!

The beauty of the building, which really does not need a review as it speaks for itself, is second only to the people working there. From the moment we met Zoe and she walked us through the details, we knew we were in safe hands. What really impressed us the most was the small but important offer of allowing us to order our own bottles of prosecco and have them delivered, which they would then serve to our guests after the ceremony in the Court Room for no extra fee. It is that kind of touch that makes all the difference, and in the world of weddings it is hard to come by.

Throughout the year of planning, Zoe was there every step of the way: in person, via email, and phone calls. Her constant support and great humour always put us at ease. On the day of the wedding, the first thing I saw upon arriving was Zoe running outside in the rain to sort something out that was clearly important. That to me demonstrated in a moment how much Zoe cares about every single one of her weddings. She will run outside in the rain, in a dress, with no umbrella for you. She will ensure you and your new husband have a few moments alone in a private room after the ceremony with a glass of champagne, as she knows it's the only time in the day you will have to yourselves.

Our wedding day was the best day of our lives and if we had to do it all over again, we would choose Trinity House every time. We cannot thank them enough for the memory they have given us and for their dedication and support throughout it all.