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We celebrated our wedding at Trinity House on the 5th November 2011 with approximately 100 guests. We had a civil ceremony followed by a champagne reception at The House, then went to a restaurant on the other side of the river (we live just south of Tower Bridge). We didn’t really have overall theme but I guess red, white and black was repeated quite a bit. I wore a 50’s style dress with a black sash and petticoats and my bouquet was red roses. Mike’s sister made a cake in black and white with roses on the top and a friend designed our invites which were in red and gold. We did, however, hire a red bus from the 40’s, which had been beautifully restored, to take guests from Trinity House across Tower Bridge to the restaurant. It was a massive hit with the kids and passing tourists!

Trinity House was a beautiful venue and we did the family photos on the staircase which worked well. Some of our relatives were already aware of Trinity House for various reasons so were quite excited to get a chance to visit it.... There’s also a little park not too far away in a ruined church and we did some lovely photos there. You’d never have thought we were in the heart of London.

As far as organisation goes, we didn’t hire a wedding planner - we’re far too lazy to have someone organize us! We had a fairly good idea of we wanted and kept it all quite simple. In fact, we selected venues where we could trust people to look after us and take the stress out of it - which they did.

Wedding photographer credit - Neli Prahova - www.NeliPrahova.com