Our business is the provision and maintenance of aids to navigation. Whether your requirement is for a rental buoy to mark an obstruction for a short or long-term period, upkeep of a varied mix of aids to navigation, condition survey and report on assets or redesign of a lighting system, Trinity House is your experienced partner of choice.

After consultation to better understand your needs and with the option of a site survey, our experts will deliver a cost-effective solution for your aid to navigation systems. A dedicated account manager will manage your project from conception to commissioning and acceptance through to commencement of our proposed life-cycle maintenance plan. We believe in carrying out the right maintenance at the right time, be it predictive, condition-based or reliability centred to extend the working life of your asset and reduce any downtime.

We are happy to maintain your own aids to navigation or provide a total turnkey operation that includes both provision and maintenance, providing safe and reliable operation of your aids to navigation ensuring compliance with statutory obligations for availability. Trinity House provides on-station cleaning, examination, maintenance and exchange plus shore-based repair, refurbishment and replacement. We take a flexible approach based on your requirements and our proposed life-cycle maintenance plan will deliver excellent value for money.

Whether you need one-off support or a service level agreement for examination and maintenance for your buoys, beacons and lights, Trinity House will ensure that your assets continue to function as specified.

Services offered

Trinity House services include the following options for the maintenance of your navigation assets.

Asset Condition Survey

A cost-effective and independent assessment of the essential and medium–term maintenance requirements of your buoys, moorings, lights, structures and beacons. Our survey report covers key areas such as reliability, availability and recommended maintenance.

Refurbishment Agreement

An agreed programme of repair and repainting of buoy bodies and superstructures at Trinity House workshops, using certificated craftsmen, plus refurbishment of navigation lamps, batteries and power systems by our skilled technicians.

On-Station Service Agreement

The periodic cleaning, examination and preventative maintenance of buoys, moorings and sinkers using our specialised fleet of vessels plus the scheduled examination and maintenance of fixed lights, structures and beacons using our highly trained mobile craftsmen.

Outsourcing Agreement

On and off-station maintenance of navigation buoys, moorings, sinkers, lights, structures and beacons utilising the complete range of Trinity House mobile craftsmen, workshops, specialist equipment and vessels.

Each of these options can be tailored to individual requirements to ensure the best possible solution for the customer. Our expertise and management system is certificated to ISO 9001 for Quality, ISO 14001 for Environmental Management, OHSAS 18001 for Safety Management and the ISM code to ensure that key issues of safety, environmental protection and quality assurance are routine considerations at all times.


Please contact our Commercial Department to discuss your particular requirements:

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