Safe water mark buoys

Indicate the presence of safe, navigable water all around the buoy

safe water mark buoy 2.png

Safe Water marks serve to indicate that there is navigable water all round the mark and do not mark a danger. Safe water marking can be used for fairway, mid-channel, centre line or landfall marks.

This mark may also be used to indicate channel entrance, port or estuary approach, or landfall. The light rhythm may also be used to indicate best point of passage under bridges.

Colour of safe water marks

Buoys are coloured red and white.


A class 2 safe water mark buoy

Type one modular superstructure.JPG

The modular superstructure for a type 1 safe water mark buoy

Buoy services

Buoys are available for hire, contact us for more information.

Colour, shape and light

safe water mark.png



Colour Red and white vertical stripes
Shape of buoy Spherical; pillar or spar with spherical topmark
Top-mark (if any) Single red sphere
Light (when fitted)
Colour White
Rhythm Isophase, occulting, one long flash every 10s or Morse “A”

Special mark buoys

Used to indicate a special area or feature

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