Buoy services

Buoy rental, maintenance and servicing, mooring, temporary beacons and wreck marking services to ports, harbours, wind farms, ultilities and scientists

Supply and maintenance of aids to navigation

At Trinity House we maintain around 450 buoys, as well as performing the important role of inspecting those maintained by port and harbour authorities, utility companies and by oil/gas rig and wind farm operators.

Whether you need one-off support, temporary marking or a fully outsourced service for the supply, examination and maintenance of your buoys, beacons and lights, we will ensure that your assets continue to function as specified.


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Rental buoy to mark an obstruction for a short or long-term period

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Upkeep of a varied mix of aids to navigation

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Condition survey and report on assets

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Research platforms for deployment and recovery of scientific equipment

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Redesign of a lighting system

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Turnkey operation that includes both provision and maintenance

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Recovery and re-establishment of off-station aids to navigation

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On-station cleaning, examination, maintenance and exchange

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Shore-based repair, refurbishment and replacement

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One-off support or a service level agreement


Buoy maintenance

Buoy maintenance

Independent assessment and expert maintenance of your buoys, moorings, lights, structures and beacons
Buoy refurbishment

Buoy refurbishment

Repair and repainting of buoy bodies and superstructures
Buoy rental

Buoy rental

From short term buoy rental to fully managed supply, service and maintenance of your aids to navigation
Beacon management

Beacon management

Out sourced management of beacons for utility companies, harbour authorities and local councils

Trinity House buoy management services

Tailored to your needs

We can maintain your own aids to navigation or provide a total turnkey operation including supply, maintenance and compliance with statutory obligations for availability.

We carry out predictive, condition-based or reliability centred maintenance at the right time to extend the working life and reduce downtime of your asset . This includes on-station cleaning, examination, maintenance and exchange, plus shore-based repair, refurbishment and replacement.

Adapted to your situation

We take a flexible approach and will propose a life-cycle maintenance plan based on your requirements. Once accepted a dedicated account manager will manage your project through out.

The buoy life cycle

Trinity house maintain and manage buoys as part of our statutory work as the General Lighthouse Authority. We utilise the same knowledge and expertise to provide services to customers through our buoy life cycle programme.

The life cycle encompasses the following processes and procedures:

Buoy life cycle.png

Area of operation and jurisdiction

Our operating area starts from Berwick on North-East Coast covering England and wales up to the Solway Firth on the North West Coast. Includes Channel Islands but not the Isle of Man.

Buoy operating area.jpg


  • Blue dashed lines
    Represent the boundary line between Trinity House and Northern Lighthouse Board. Hence on the East coast the northern limit starts at Berwick heading East until it meets the Red European line. On the west Coast the northern limit starts in the Solway Firth and goes south of the Isle of man until it touches the solid green line.
  • Green line
    The border between the Trinity House area and the Irish Lighthouse Board
  • Red line
    The border between the Trinity House Area and Europe and includes the Channel Islands. This also shows the limit of the Trinity House area in the South Western Approaches.

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