Emergency wreck buoys

Used as a temporary buoy to mark a wreck

wreck mark buoy 2.png

These Emergency Wreck Buoys provide a clear and unambiguous means of marking new wrecks. They are used as a temporary response, typically for the first 24–72 hours.

Colour of emergency wreck marks

Coloured in an equal number of blue and yellow vertical stripes and are fitted with an alternating blue and yellow flashing light.

Wreck Buoys 004.jpg

Class 3 emergency wreck buoys

Type two emergency wreck buoys in Swansea.jpg

Emergency wreck marking buoys ready for use at our yard in Swansea

Buoy services

Buoys are available for hire, contact us for more information.

Colour, shape and light

wreck marks.png




Blue/Yellow vertical stripes in equal number dimensions (minimum 4 stripes and maximum 8)

Shape of buoy

Pillar or spar

Top-mark (if any)

Vertical/perpendicular Yellow cross

Light (when fitted)
Colour Yellow/blue alternating

One second of blue light and one second of yellow light with 0.5 sec. of darkness between

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