Trinity House has six Regional Grants Committees to support regionally-based projects that meet with Trinity House's charitable objectives.

Here is a snapshot of the support we have provided recently.

Roseland Youth Sailing Trust

South west

"We are indebted to Trinity House for their financial support which has helped us to deliver free sailing lessons to 18 schools in Cornwall this year, including children from some of the most deprived neighbourhoods in the country. Learning to sail gives young people the gift of confidence, self-esteem and skills of value in whichever career they choose. Together we are creating opportunities, changing lives and transforming communities."

Maritime Volunteer Service

South east

The grant from Trinity House enabled us to refurbish and re-engine an ex-HMC&E RIB to carry out the patrols on the River Arun and in the process has also supported our wider training objectives in the Littlehampton area.

The month of August was used as a pilot to test how this would work, with patrols being mounted every weekday for four weeks, except on one day due to bad weather. The MVS's national training vessel East Sussex 1 (normally based at Eastbourne) was berthed in Littlehampton for the month and provided accommodation for members coming from outside the area. She was also used to provide short sea experience trips for Sea Cadets and Air Cadets. Starting this project with the harbour authority has also facilitated the establishment of a local Littlehampton MVS Unit.

Littlehampton Harbour Master Billy Johnson commented:

"It has been highly beneficial having the Maritime Volunteer Service’s patrol RIB East Sussex 2 on the Arun over the last four weeks. Their patrol presence over high water during the week, something we struggle to maintain, has had a very positive effect on safety in the harbour during August. Their presence has deterred speeding and excessive wash, they played a key role in the rescue of a capsized jet ski, and assisted in the recovery of a stranded vessel at our harbour entrance. Furthermore, they have educated members of the public on the dangers of jumping into the harbour from the quaysides, and have had countless other positive interactions with vessel crews and members of the public, offering safety advice and a friendly face. We look forward to working alongside them for the years to come as a permanent Littlehampton MVS Unit becomes established.

"We will soon be having detailed discussions on how these patrols will work next year but all parties are agreed that they should continue. The RIB will be used, albeit less frequently, for patrols and training during the winter months. That we have been able to do this is down to the grant we received from Trinity House and for which we are very grateful."

Sir Thomas Lipton Foundation

Scotland and Northern Ireland

"We are committed to delivering a unique maritime programme called Buoyed Up for disadvantaged pre-teen children growing up in deprived areas of the UK.

Our 2019 grant from the Trinity House Regional Committee translates into inspiring, confidence-building and motivating learning experiences for whole classes of 10-12s on and off the water in Northern Ireland.

Thanks to Trinity House, and working with our partners at Belfast Harbour and Ballyholme Yacht Club, we are able to make Buoyed Up a vital first navigation towards attainment and achievement.”

Sea-Change Sailing Trust


"Blue Mermaid has gone to sea for the very first time for her shakedown sail. This is the culmination of a number of years’ fundraising and building, thanks in no small part to Trinity House. She will now shortly be entering service with the charity.

Individual members of youth groups who sail with us who show merit or enthusiasm are welcome to return independently and join our Youth Sailing Scheme. Here they embed the experiences of living and working aboard from their first visit and start to undertake traditional seamanship training. With Blue Mermaid we are now in a position to build further on this and offer accredited training to those considering maritime careers. Again we are grateful to Trinity House for their support in enabling us to grow in this way."

Steamship Freshspring Society


"The valuable support of Trinity House has enabled us to considerably expand the work we do with schools, particularly on board the ship, with new creative activities linked to engineering and maritime. We now have a much better level of interpretation material, projection equipment a better presented wheelhouse for use as a classroom. For winter months we have been able to install electric lighting which operates from wind and solar power. This adds considerably to our ability to educate young people in renewable energy."

Mission to Seafarers


Trinity House is supporting cutting-edge technology, which is being used to provide Wi-Fi for seafarers when in remote and difficult to reach ports. South Wales Port Chaplain for the Mission to Seafarers Mark Lawson-Jones and his colleague Dunkerque Chaplain Philip Edell have finished testing several different set ups that are being used in Wales and France.

The picture shows the original ‘test rig’, with an ‘off-the-grid’ power supply with several modems and routers. The final device will be compact and able to run from a battery for up to a week without being recharged.

“Getting mains power to the units in some remote places has been a challenge, so we hit on the idea of bringing our own power. This means that if there is a mobile signal, then that’s all we need” said Rev. Lawson-Jones, “We have managed to transmit a good, fast signal several hundred metres to the mess of a ship, where the crew could watch live video and call home with Skype.”

The chaplains expect that up to 15 crew can connect to a device at once, using the freely-provided data to contact loved ones, even when they are miles from towns and cities. The Rev. Edell said “There is no question that good mental health is dependent on being able to contact loved ones regularly, so seafarers don’t feel so cut-off from family life. Seafaring is a dangerous and difficult job, and this technology gives us the chance to make things a little easier when they have some quiet time”.

The Rev. Lawson-Jones said “We are extremely grateful for the Trinity House grant, which has given us the opportunity to make freely available, portable and stable Wi-Fi a reality for many seafarers who visit the South Wales ports.”