As a member of the Maritime Charities Group, Trinity House Maritime Charity’s approach to grant making aligns with the MCG’s funding principles.

Our vision for a maritime charity sector that works collaboratively to achieve the greatest impact for seafarers and their families.

Our mission

The MCG fosters collaboration across the maritime charity sector. It does this by sharing information, commissioning research, supporting the education and welfare of seafarers and their families and by the promotion of best practice within the maritime charity sector.

The MCG approach to grant making and funding is guided by our vision and mission. We believe that we will achieve our vision and mission by adopting a consistent set of funding principles. MCG members wish to ensure that their grant making processes and grants are fair, transparent and effective. To achieve this we have developed a framework of funding principles which will guide and inform our grant making and our ongoing relationships with those we fund.

Funding Principles

  1. MCG members will be proportionate in their approach to grant making, monitoring and evaluation. We will only ask for information that is useful and usable. MCG members will work with those they fund to develop open, honest and transparent relationships.
  2. MCG members will be clear about how they operate their grant application processes and apply their funding criteria. Members will make all their grants criteria and details of their grants publically available.
  3. MCG members will give priority to funding applications that clearly demonstrate need and are supported by good quality evidence and clear outcomes for beneficiaries.
  4. MCG members will be flexible where possible in their grant making processes in order to respond effectively to applications based on well evidenced need.
  5. MCG members will be clear and consistent in their approach to the assessment of the financial situation of grant applicants including reserves policies.
  6. MCG members will ensure that all their communications with grant applicants and recipients are clear and timely.
  7. MCG members will work collaboratively, sharing information and intelligence and best practice to achieve the greatest impact for beneficiaries.
  8. MCG members believe that effective monitoring and evaluation will ensure that the UK maritime charity sector will be able to deliver continuous improvement in the delivery of services and projects for the benefit of seafarers and their families.

MCG members will review the funding framework and principles on an annual basis.