Oil and gas rig decommissioning

Our cold stack package is connected to our 365 day 24 hour Central Monitoring and Control Centre

We provide and manage hardware and software packages that, once deployed, provide 24 hour a day, 365 day a year monitoring of your decommissioned rig.

As oil & gas fields reach the end of their lifespan, they must be decommissioned. An empty rig must be marked to ensure the safety of shipping in open seas.

Our Automatic Identification System (AIS) package monitors Aid to Navigation (AtoN) lighting, audible equipment, and other equipment like fuel tanks and water tanks. Marking wells and platforms until they can be safely dismantled and removed, giving our customers reassurance and ensuring the safety of the mariner at sea.

Automatic Identification System (AIS) provides

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The Automatic Identification System (AIS) is designed to provide real and virtual Aid to Navigation (AtoN) message transmissions for a central hub platform and its associated satellite platforms. The system provides a single real AIS AtoN message for the hub platform and up to 20 virtual AIS AtoN message for the satellite platforms.

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A Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) provided by Inmarsat satellite allows remote configuration of the virtual AIS AtoN messages from the Trinity House planning centre. This allows messages to be discontinued and the operation of the complete system can also be stopped remotely.

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Connectivity to the system unit is surge protected and fully floating, with cable access via IP68 cable glands ensuring the system is weather protected.

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Single or dual power source operation. A single solar supply operates the system and a second supply from the platform may also be used if available.

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Configuration is completed as part of the production process and can be demonstrated during a factor acceptance test.

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Simple installation and a quick site commissioning procedure, keeping time in the field to a minimum.

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Autonomous operation except for remote configuration through the Trinity House Central Monitoring and Control System (CMCS). The system powers up and 'listens' for incoming communications twice a day.

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24/7 monitoring service provides an auditable service responding to issues and notifying clients.

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Supported by Trinity House engineers with years of knowledge within the AtoN environment.

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Additional services available - periodic reports on AtoN performance, issuing and management of navigational warnings, customer view of current AtoN status.

Trinity House Cold Stack Monitoring Package

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The hardware package ('cubicle') will monitor the rig's functions and communicate with our Central Monitoring and Control System (CMCS). The monitoring centre can perform certain functions of the package remotely.

The monitoring centre can pre-empt light failure and other equipment by tracking failing battery charge and reporting to you.

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Remote monitoring 'cubicle'.


An example of hardware installation.

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