Monitoring services

Remote 24 hour/365 day remote monitoring of aids to navigation from Trinity House Central Monitoring and Control Centre

Aids to Navigation monitoring

Our remote Aids to Navigation (AtoN) monitoring and control service provides a continuous check of all buoy and other AtoN systems operability including lights on and off or failure, audible warning functions, voltage use and data transmission. We also monitor other equipment such as fuel tanks, water tanks and battery systems.


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Continuous check that all AtoN systems are operational including:

  • Lights on and off
  • Light failure
  • Audible Warning-Emitter failures
  • Trending of battery voltages
  • Other analogue or digital parameters as required

Data will be logged for audit purposes within the Trinity House Central Monitoring and Control System (CMCS)

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The system currently supports four communication types:

  • PSTN for shore based stations with access to the telephone network
  • PAKNET radio for off-shore, island or shore based stations without access to PSTN
  • GSM for stations with cellular coverage
  • Satellite, using the Iridium network for remote stations, which allows global coverage. In addition to Aids to Navigation, monitoring of any equipment e.g. fuel tanks, water tanks, battery systems, is possible.
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  • The CMCS is a robust, resilient system with a multiple server architecture over two geographically separated locations with multiple backups to ensure the retention of data.
  • High resilience – the Monitoring Centre can relocate to London if issues are experienced at the primary monitoring location, by use of proven Disaster Recovery Procedures resulting in minimal monitoring downtime.
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  • Failures will be promptly reported to the client’s nominated contact.
  • Capability to provide reports on Aids to Navigation availability for compliance purposes and the performance of the customer’s equipment according to their requirements. Interrogation of any anomalies to ensure proactive interventions can be actioned, if appropriate.
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  • If our monitoring system detects a potential failure of an Aid to Navigation, (beyond an agreed period to meet customer requirements), the Operations Officer will request a visual report from passing vessels. If confirmed, the client will be advised and a Navigation Warning will be promulgated to advise all vessels operating in the area.
  • An on-call Duty Engineer is available to support the Operations Officer in the event that clarification is required.
  • Trinity House can manage any legislative reporting such as Notice to Mariners.
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  • Trinity House will maintain and renew the appropriate licences for any monitoring systems as required to meet customer requirements.
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Please note that although the monitoring system is always operational, monitoring systems may be interrupted due to circumstances beyond the control of Trinity House. These may include but are not limited to:

  • Failure of satellite to receive/ forward transmissions due to Space Weather
  • Loss of MCA AIS coverage

A failure of monitoring will be assessed by the Operations Officer with Engineering and IT Support available 24 hours in the event of technical disruptions to the monitoring service.

More about monitoring

Electronic charts

Our electronic chart display system (ECDIS) can be overlaid with 3d sea floor bathymetry to show topography at any location.

We can also combine third party service such as live weather ( and live shipping ( to asses the conditions in any location.

Chart Display System 2.jpg

Chart Display System.jpg

Weather Display System.jpg

Electronic charts, hydrographic charts and weather data combined through our ECDIS systems.

Buoy monitoring package

Buoy monitoring system 3.png

Trinity House have developed a hardware and software package that can be configured to your requirements or used with our standard configuration.

The hardware mounted in the buoy will monitor the buoy's functions and communicate with our Central Monitoring and Control System (CMCS). The monitoring centre can perform certain functions of the buoy remotely.

The monitoring centre can pre-empt light failure by tracking failing battery charge and schedule our ships to perform maintenance well in advance.


Inside a configured buoy.

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