Alongside the Elder Brethren, the Corporation's fraternity is made up of Younger Brethren.

As a body comprised of women and men of diverse experiences and backgrounds, the Younger Brethren are involved with many of the aspects of Trinity House that have built up over the centuries to make us so unique.

As a body, they contribute to the unique authority of Trinity House in the maritime sector and participate in the annual election of the Master and Wardens of the Corporation.

Many give valuable assistance and advice on the Corporation's operational and charitable activities as and when required.

Many of the Younger Brethren volunteer their time to support the Younger Brethren Ambassador Scheme, which offers a fascinating 45 minute talk with film and pictures to people in clubs and societies around Britain, promoted through recommendation and word of mouth.

A number of Younger Brethren also support the Trinity House Maritime Charity's Regional Grants Committee scheme, through which six Regional Grants Committees support regionally-based projects that meet with Trinity House's charitable objectives.

The fraternity also enjoys a busy social calendar that gives its members the opportunity to meet and network with their peers.


The admission of candidates as Younger Brethren is the responsibility of the Corporate Board which comprises 10 Elder Brethren.

To be eligible for consideration for admission in the ‘Merchant Navy’ or ‘Pilots and Harbour Master’ categories, candidates should be a Master Mariner and are expected to have at least one year's command experience.

The Board will, however, consider other issues before deciding whether a candidate should be invited for interview.

Candidates who are admitted pay a one off joining fee and thereafter an annual subscription.