Younger Brethren have no formal functions other than to participate in the annual election of the Master and Wardens of the Corporation.

There is no job description as there is no "job" - they have no operational responsibilities for the statutory functions of Trinity House.

They do though, as a body, contribute to the unique authority of Trinity House in the maritime sector. Moreover, many give valuable assistance and advice on the Corporation's operational and charitable activities as and when required.

The admission of candidates as Younger Brethren is the responsibility of the Corporate Board which comprises 10 Elder Brethren. To be eligible for consideration for admission anyone seeking admission in the Merchant Navy or Pilots and Harbour Master categories should be a Master Mariner and is expected to have at least one year's command experience.

The Board will, however, consider other issues such as age and experience before deciding whether a candidate should be invited for interview.

Candidates who are admitted pay a one off joining fee and thereafter an annual subscription.