Instructions to Lightkeepers

  1. You are to light the lamps every Evening at Sunsetting, and keep them constantly burning bright and clear till Sunrising.
  2. In order to ensure the perfect fulfilment of the foregoing Article, a perpetual watch is to be maintained throughout the night; and in this respect, the Principal is to take equal duty with the Assistant Keeper. He whose watch is about to end, is to trim the lamps and leave them burning in perfect order before he quits the Lantern and calls the succeeding watch; and he who has the watch at Sunrise, is then to extinguish the Lamps, and commence all necessary preparations for the exhibition of the light at the evening Sunset.
  3. In order to maintain the greatest degree of light the wicks are to be trimmed every three hours, and especial care taken that the tops are cut exactly even.
  4. No Bed, Sofa or other article on which to recline can be permitted either in the Lantern or in the apartment under the Lantern, known as the Watch Room.
  5. You are to be careful that the Lamp and Reflectors or other lighting Apparatus, are cleaned and polished every morning, using for that purpose the polishing powder and lathers provided by the Corporation and no other means; the Glazing of the Lantern is also to be constantly kept, both internally and externally, in the cleanest possible condition.
  6. You are to take especial care that neither Lamps, Candles, Coals or any other Article be left burning anywhere so as to endanger fire.
  7. You are to see that none of the Oil, Stores, Goods or Materials be wasted, embezzled or stolen, and that all economy and good management consistently with the maintenance of a perfectly good light, be in every respect and at all times observed.
  8. If any of the Lamps, Reflectors or Windows are broken or other damage be done to the Lighthouse, the repairs thereof is to be paid for by the persons through whose carelessness or negligence the damage […]
  9. You are strictly forbidden from causing any outbuildings to be erected, or any alteration of the Lighthouse, Premises or fences to be made without having first obtained the sanction of the Board.
  10. The Principal Lightkeeper is charged with the custody of the Oil and Stores of every description; he is therefore to keep an exact account of the quantities thereof received from time to time and of the deliveries for the necessary purposes of the establishment; also an accurate account of the consumption of oil, on the forms provided for that purpose, and to deliver the same together with the other accounts for which forms are furnished, to the Agent at the regulated periods for transmission to this House.
  11. The Principal Light Keeper is also to keep a journal of all occurrences and observations, and to be particular in describing all circumstances attending them, and to communicate the same on the form provided for that purpose once a quarter or oftener, if necessary.
  12. The Light Keepers are to exercise a proper discretion in the admission of Visitors to view the Establishment, conducting themselves with civility to strangers and other persons upon all occasions, and observing that no person is, on any account, to be permitted to inspect the interior of the Lantern unattended by one of the Light Keepers, and they are held responsible that no damage is thereby occasioned to the lighting apparatus, or disfigurement to any part of the premises.
  13. The Keepers are to attend a place of worship upon each Sunday in turn, and when the Rule shall, by reason of distance, be incompatible with the performance of the Light House Service, the Principal Light Keeper shall, at least once in every Sunday assemble his own family, and his assistants and their families, in his own dwelling or other convenient place, and there read to them throughout the Church Service for the day, also a sermon or homily from the volume provided by the Corporation for this purpose.
  14. The Light Keepers both Principals and Assistants, are cautioned that their retention or promotion in the Service depends upon their strict adherence to the Rules laid down for their guidance; and also in the constant habit of cleanliness and good order in their own persons, and the preservation thereof in every part of the Lighthouse, Lantern and other premises; and they are enjoined to the invariable exercise of temperance and morality in all their habits and proceedings, so that by their example they may enforce as far as lies in his power, the observance of the same laudable conduct by their wives and families.
  15. The Principal Light Keeper is held responsible for the execution of the duties of the Establishment, and the observance of the foregoing regulations.

Trinity House London

A Herbert, Secretary

17 October 1839