Supporting seafarers during a crisis

The Trinity House Maritime Charity is working hard to meet the growing welfare need in the maritime community

For the Trinity House Maritime Charity, the welfare and safety of mariners and of those who depend on them have always been at the heart of its reason for being, but never more so than now. COVID-19 has created a crisis both immediate and of longer term impact that is virtually unprecedented. It is vital that we rise to it.

This is what we are doing: as well as working closely with delivery organisations, we are active in the Merchant Navy Welfare Board COVID-19 Working Group, meeting regularly and frequently, and in the Maritime Charities Group, so that we stay abreast of the challenges as they emerge and face them with a co-ordinated, coherent, collaborative response. Alongside our maritime funding partners, and against a fast-moving flow, our aim is proactive and reactive agility in helping those who help seafarers across the sector.

The Trinity House Maritime Charity has set aside a significant portion of its grants budget for this growing welfare need. Although we are unable to award grants to individuals, we are putting extra funds into organisations that do, and emergency grants have already been awarded in support of front-line maritime welfare for the Merchant Navy and the Fishing Community .

In a world beset with uncertainty, what is certain is that mariners are already suffering. We are determined to do all we can to answer that call both now and in the future.

Commodore Martin Atherton OBE RN
Secretary to the Corporation of Trinity House