Point Lynas Lighthouse

Point Lynas Lighthouse was built in 1835 on the north coast of Anglesey in North Wales, replacing a lighted pilots’ lookout established in 1766

As early as 1766 the need was felt for a station on Anglesey where ships making for Liverpool could pick up pilots. The Liverpool Pilotage Service, after examining several sites, eventually chose Point Lynas. At first the early pilots used a farmhouse as their lookout post.

After 1779 they used two oil lamps with Hutchinson’s small catoptric reflectors set into a tower and showing in two directions.

The present lighthouse was built in 1835 by the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board at a cost of £1,165. The lighthouse is a low castellated structure painted white with the round lens room connected to the seaward side of the building.

Trinity House assumed responsibility for Point Lynas Lighthouse on 2 April 1973.

The lighthouse is now monitored and controlled from Trinity House’s Planning Centre in Harwich, Essex.