Bardsey Lighthouse

Bardsey Lighthouse was built by Trinity House in 1821 giving guidance to vessels in passage through St. George's Channel and the Irish Sea

Leaving Strumble Head behind, vessels enter Cardigan Bay, where in the 1890s a lightvessel was stationed which is no longer in use. The next headland encountered is the Lleyn Peninsula of Caernavonshire with the small island of Bardsey separated from the mainland by the Bardsey Sound. The island, some two miles long by ½ mile wide, is surrounded by outcrops of sharp rocks.

The lighthouse is notable for being the tallest square tower lighthouse in the UK, and is made yet more distinctive by its red and white horizontal stripes.

The station was solarised in 2014 as part of the drive away from continuous running diesel stations. A red LED lantern replaced the existing rotating optic.

Bardsey Lighthouse was automated in 1987 and is now controlled from Trinity House’s Planning Centre in Harwich, Essex.