Tri-GLA Fleet Review success

Maritime Minister Nusrat Ghani endorses the recommendations of the tri-GLA Fleet Review for maintaining an essential maritime safety service

The three General Lighthouse Authorities (GLAs) of the United Kingdom and Ireland—Trinity House, the Northern Lighthouse Board and Irish Lights—welcome the endorsement by the Maritime Minister Nusrat Ghani MP of the tri-GLA Fleet Review’s conclusion that the three GLAs require seven vessels of mixed capability to provide risk response, incident intervention and routine planned marine aids to navigation (AtoNs such as lighthouse and buoys) maintenance and offshore support work.

The tri-GLA Fleet Review was initiated to identify the optimum number of ships, their capabilities and appropriate ownership and management needed to deliver the GLAs’ statutory functions.

The provision by the three GLAs of AtoNs and their ability to locate and mark wrecks and other hazards to shipping—as well as the risk of pollution of the environment—remains a critical safety requirement for the UK and Ireland, helping to ensure continuity of trade to both countries.

Captain Nigel Palmer OBE, Chairman of the Joint Strategic Board that brings together the three GLAs at the highest level, offered the following comment:

“This Review is the result of a coordinated effort by the three GLAs with support from both Government and Industry. It provides an evidence based analysis of the GLAs’ Fleet requirements to carry out their essential activities and provides the foundation for future planning and monitoring of performance. This will support the many thousands of mariners who rely on our aids to navigation and can be assured of the continuation of the same high level of service.”

The Minister offered her thanks and recognition of the contribution made by the three GLAs:

“I want to add a personal thank you to all who have been involved in any capacity in the project, as I believe it has already delivered significant gains. It has been a tremendous effort over a number of years from inception and as a result we are now in a far better place going forward. Maritime Safety Week is an ideal opportunity to highlight the GLAs and recognise the critical work which they undertake on a day-to-day basis.”


The General Lighthouse Authorities of the United Kingdom and Ireland are Trinity House, the Northern Lighthouse Board and Irish Lights. Together they have the statutory responsibility for the provision of marine aids to navigation around the British Isles. Their joint mission is the delivery of a reliable, efficient and cost effective aid to navigation service for the benefit and safety of all mariners.

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