THV Galatea at Hornsea 2

Deployment of new buoys at HOW2

THV Galatea attends HOW2 for the deployment of new buoys.

Trinity House have provided a turnkey service for rental buoys at HOW01 and recently undertook a number of buoy moves to relocate these from Hornsea 1 to Hornsea 2, ready for the start of the construction phase. This kept the costs to a minimum for the customer as Trinity House were able to use their expertise to service the original buoys before re-deployment, avoiding the need for replacement.

On this station, she found a fouled mooring line...HOW02 MRG 2 Mooring line fouled.JPGand a damaged lantern

HOW02 MRG 2 damaged lantern.JPGThis was soon rectified by the experienced crew on board leaving the station as good as new.