International Women's Day is celebrated globally by people and organisations; it is also a chance to reflect on progress and opportunities to better embrace equality and inclusivity. Trinity House knows we have room to grow in this regard, and is working on doing just that; the themes and aims laid out in our new People Strategy will be key.

While the maritime sector is traditionally male-orientated it is great to note that today, 27% of our workforce and 25% of our leadership team are female. It is fantastic to see this number growing, and to also welcome our newest female Elder Brother Captain Fran Collins, CEO at Red Funnel. Trinity House is also active in supporting women in maritime by hosting events at our headquarters to encourage more women to join the sector.

We want to build on this success by continuing to support women within the workplace through all of their career and life stages and as such over the last five years Trinity House has invested over £100,000 on further education for our female employees to support their professional career development.

A small handful of our stories from around the organisation are collected below, offering a reminder of the value that comes from having a diverse workplace where all of our employees have an equal opportunity to develop themselves and be successful. We pledge to work together to ensure equality of opportunity within a respectful, diverse and inclusive environment.

Natalie, Director of People and Culture

I have been in the workplace for nearly 40 years - starting as an apprentice with the London Borough of Redbridge. Most of my career has been in the public sector within a nuclear operations and decommissioning setting. Through my career I have benefitted from the encouragement and support of both male and female allies to achieve my aspirations and keep doing more to learn and grow.

Allyship is vital in creating an inclusive workplace culture where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.

Jessica, Head of Safety and Environment

I moved from Switzerland to Suffolk when I was 14 and found it quite a change, but I was lucky that a male neighbour became an active ally for me, and by helping me to get in touch with Trinity House and the Worshipful Company of Shipwrights I was able to get a sponsorship on a Tallship. I spent ten years sailing as a Deck Officer, and when the opportunity to move ashore with BP came it was a natural progression. I joined the Health and Safety team shore side and the rest, as they say, is history. I am delighted to be back with Trinity House who gave me my start and part of my role is to engage with local communities. I am keen that I can 'pay forward' the allyship I encountered in my early career to support others. This will be a focus for us in 2024/5 by building a social strategy as part of our sustainable framework in which everybody will be able to participate if they wish. I am excited about the future of Trinity House and happy to be part of that journey.

Heather, Chief Engineer

As a female in a very male dominated environment, especially being part of the engine room team, Trinity House and the SVS crew have treated me no differently and I have been given the same opportunities as any other crew. In 2022 equality shouldn’t even be a question, however in some lines of work it unfortunately is. Since working with Trinity House, they have supported me through my Second Engineer Certificate of Competency and now as I’m working towards my Chief Engineer qualifications they continue to do so.

Since writing her story, Heather has had promotion to Chief Engineer on THV Alert.

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Kirsty, Project Engineer

As a Project Engineer I have the opportunity to enjoy numerous engineering disciplines from reviewing how we work our navigational buoys at sea from aboard one of our vessels, to flying by helicopter to one of our rock lighthouse stations to understand how we would implement new equipment into a structure that is, generally, over 100 years old! I also get involved in designing new products, peer design reviews for major projects, motion analysis and modelling to understand how our buoys perform, along with supporting the business by answering engineering queries and questions.

Two and a half years on and I still can’t believe it. I absolutely love my job and love the fact that I am able to have a great work/life balance. I feel that I have come full circle, I started my career as an engineer and am back there now… the difference is I have now found a place where I can thrive.

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