Notice To Mariners

Region E

NOTICE TO MARINERS No.33/06 B7, C15, D7, E6, F5, G3 ----------------------------------------- USE OF EMERGENCY WRECK MARKING BUOYS BY TRINITY HOUSE -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) have recently agreed Recommendation O-133 on an emergency wreck marking buoy. This Recommendation introduces a new buoy configuration in addition to that already found in the IALA Maritime Buoyage System, which may be used for marking of a new wreck. The full Recommendation can be downloaded from the IALA website ( Mariners are advised that Trinity House will in future use this buoy initially in trials as part of an immediate response to the initial physical marking of a new wreck or obstruction considered to be a danger to navigation. When used the buoy will be placed either as close as possible to, or where more than one buoy is employed in a pattern around, the wreck or obstruction. The buoy will have the following characteristics:- o Pillar, Blue & Yellow Vertical Stripes: Yellow Upright Cross Topmark. The word WRECK will be exhibited Black on Yellow. o Alternating blue and yellow flashing light, normally of 4 nautical mile nominal range, where the blue and yellow 1 second flashes are alternated with an interval of 0.5 seconds. Bl. 1.0s + 0.5s + Y 1.0s + 0.5s = 3.0s. If multiple buoys are deployed then the lights will be synchronised. Where a racon code Morse 'D' is employed, this may be exhibited from an additional unlighted buoy with the same characteristics as the lighted buoys. The emergency wreck marking buoy(s) will be maintained in position until a permanent form of marking of the wreck in accordance with the IALA Maritime Buoyage Systems has been carried out. By Order, Captain D. Glass, Director of Navigational Requirements. Trinity House London EC3N 4DH 17th May 2006.

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