Notice To Mariners

Region D

NOTICE TO MARINERS No.66/06 D11 ----------------- SOUTH COAST OF ENGLAND ---------------------------------------- CHANNEL LIGHT VESSEL ALL Vol.A1520 Latitude 49° 54'.459N., Longitude 02 deg 53'.744W (WGS 84 Datum) ----------------------------------------

Date : On or about 25th November, 2006. Amendment : Existing Light Vessel to be withdrawn and a replacement Light Vessel established in lieu as follows:- Red hull: Light tower amidships: Fl.15 seconds, nominal range 15 miles carried at a height of at least 12 metres above the water line; exhibited during the hours of darkness and in periods of reduced visibility having a composition as follows:- Flash : 0.3 seconds Eclipse : 14.7 seconds ---------------------------------- Total : 15.0 seconds ---------------------------------- Fog signal giving 1 blast of 2 seconds duration every 20 seconds. Racon as follows:- Type : Agile Frequency Code : Morse 'O' Nominal Range: 10 miles Frequency : X band 9320 MHz to 9500 MHz : S band 2920 MHz to 3100 MHz Display Period : On 9 seconds : Off 21 seconds ------------------------------- Total 30 seconds ------------------------------- Trinity House Notice to Mariners No.60/06 D9 dated 14th September, 2006, previously refers. No further notice will be given. By Order, Captain D. Glass, Director of Navigational Requirements. Trinity House, London. EC3N 4DH 30th October, 2006.

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