Notice To Mariners

Region D

31/2010 C14 D8 Beachy Heand & Anvil Point Lighthouses


No.31/10 C14, D8 





Amendment :   

Mariners are advised that the following changes have been deferred for operational reasons and will now take place in early 2011 and not as previously advertised.


1.Station : Beachy Head Lighthouse ALL Vol.A. 0840

Position : Latitude 50 deg 44'.025N., Longitude 000 deg 14'.488E.

Amendments : Range of main navigation light to be reduced to 8 nautical miles.



2. Station : Anvil Point Lighthouse ALL Vol.A. 0496

Position : Latitude 50 deg 35'.514N., Longitude 001 deg 57'.600W.

 Amendment : Range of main navigation light to be reduced to 9 nautical miles.

Characteristic of Fl.10s to remain unaltered but having a revised composition of Flash 1.0s,  Eclipse 9.0s.


Trinity House Notice to Mariners No.17/10 dated 28th June, 2010  and No.28/10 dated 28th August, 2010, previously refers.


Further notice will be given when revised dates have been confirmed.



By Order,

Captain R.H. Barker

Director of Navigational Requirements.


Trinity House,

London EC3N 4DH

29 September, 2010



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