Notice To Mariners

Region D

NOTICE TO MARINERS No.65/06 D10 ----------------- CHANNEL ISLANDS --------------------------- SARK LIGHTHOUSE (ALL Vol.A1544) Latitude 49° 26'.186N., Longitude 02° 20'.735W (WGS 84 Datum) ------------------------------------------------------------------

Date : On or about 22nd November, 2006. Amendment : (1) Nominal range of main navigation light to be temporarily reduced to 10 miles for approximately 3 days. (2) Thereafter a new main navigation light to be introduced; exhibited during night time and in periods of reduced visibility, having a nominal range of 20 miles. Light character of Fl.15 seconds to remain unaltered but having a revised composition as follows:- Flash : 0.2 second Eclipse : 14.8 seconds ----------------------------------------- Total : 15.0 seconds ----------------------------------------- By Order, Captain D. Glass, Director of Navigational Requirements. Trinity House, London EC3N 4DH. 25th October, 2006.

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