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St Anthony's

50 08'.469 N 005 00'.964 W (not for navigation purposes)

Image of St Anthony's

Photo by Richard Rowland


Saint Anthony's Lighthouse is situated at the eastern entrance to Falmouth Harbour thus guiding vessels clear of the Manacles rocks, south of the harbour entrance.

Even in the seventeenth century rudimentary navigational aids were employed. The Killigrew family flew a large red flag from an elm tree denoting wind direction, however this was eventually taken down in 1779 to avoid its being used by invading fleets.

St. Anthony's Lighthouse was built by Trinity House in 1835.

Up to 1954 the lighthouse possessed a huge bell, as a fog signal, which hung outside the tower. It was replaced by a modern fog horn positioned 10.7 metres above high water level on a platform. In the same year the lighthouse was connected to mains electricity.

Saint Anthony’s Lighthouse was automated in 1987.

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