Round Island

49┬░ 58.739 N 006┬░ 19.387 W (not for navigation purposes)

Image of Round Island

Aerial view of Round Island Lighthouse


The lighthouse on Round Island was built in 1887 and automated in 1987.

Round Island, the most northerly outpost of the Scillies is a 40m mass of granite, the top forming a platform on which Trinity House built a lighthouse and dwellings in 1887 under conditions of extreme difficulty. The sheer rock face made the unloading of building materials almost impossible.

Today the only access, apart from by helicopter, is by a flight of steps cut into the solid rock.

The enormous hyperradial optic, fitted to only two other lighthouses at the beginning of the 20th century, was replaced in 1967 with more modern apparatus.

This in turn was replaced during the automation of the lighthouse in 1987 when the present equipment was installed.

Round Island Lighthouse is monitored and controlled from the Trinity House Operations and Planning Centre in Harwich.

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