Lighthouse Models

A range of hand-painted lighthouse models, produced by Littledart Models are available to order. These scale models, produced in clay and resin, have been produced using official drawings and are an accurate representation of these iconic buildings.

Also available are a range of high-quality paper/card models by Paper Shipwright.

The range of models available includes ships (with examples of civil and navy vessels from the early days of steam-powered ships to the present day) and buildings with a maritime theme (coastal fortifications and lighthouses). Sales of these models are made via the Paper Shipwright website.

Lizard Lighthouse

Picture of Lizard Lighthouse

This model of Lizard, is of the eastern working tower and the first lighthouse keepers cottage.

Model Scale: 1:150
Tower Height: 125mm
Made From: Clay and resin

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Orfordness Lighthouse

Picture of Orfordness Lighthouse

Orfordness Lighthouse is situated on a 13 mile spit off the coast of East Anglia. This beautiful red and white tower ensures ships stay clear on their passage along the East Coast.

Scale: 1:150
Dimensions: 210mm Height 80 Max width 68mm Tower Base
Made From: Plaster and Resin

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St Anthony's Lighthouse

Picture of St Anthony's Lighthouse

Saint Anthony's Lighthouse is situated at the eastern entrance to Falmouth Harbour thus guiding vessels clear of the Manacles rocks, south of the harbour entrance.

Scale: 1:150
140 x 65 x 5mm

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Start Point Lighthouse

Picture of Start Point Lighthouse

Start Point Lighthouse is situated on one of the most exposed peninsula's on the South Coast of Devon. Its castellated design and characteristic brick finish make for a wonderful model.

Model Scale: 1:150
Tower Height: 195mm
Made From: Plaster and resin

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Southwold Lighthouse

Picture of Southwold Lighthouse

Southwold Lighthouse situated in the lovely seaside town of Southwold in Suffolk this lighthouse is the towns greatest landmark and the model encapsulates this in every detail.

Scale: 1:150
Dimensions: 225mm High 90mm max width 60mm tower base
Made From: Plaster and Resin

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Nash Point Lighthouse

Picture of Nash Point Lighthouse

This is a special edition of Nash Point Lighthouse in South Wales. This Lighthouse stands at the entrance of the Bristol Channel. The Models comes complete with an additional Foghorn Building.

Scale: 1:150
Made From: Clay and Resin
Model Lighthouse is 266mm high 56mm diameter
Model Foghorn is 50x100x70mm

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Trevose Head Lighthouse

Picture of Trevose Head Lighthouse

Trevose Head stands on a headland to the West of Padstow and guides ships towards the Bristol Channel, easily accessible its location offers magnificent views over Constantine Bay. The simple lines of the lighthouse means this is a lovely model.

Model Scale: 1:150
Tower Height: 190mm
Made From: Plaster and resin

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St Catherines Lighthouse

Picture of St Catherines Lighthouse

The lighthouse is situated at Niton Undercliffe, 5 miles from Ventnor on the Isle of Wight and comprises a white octagonal tower with 94 steps up to the lantern. The main light, visible for up to 30 nautical miles in clear weather is the third most powerful light in the Trinity House Service giving a guide to shipping in the Channel as well as vessels approaching the Solent.

Scale 1:150
Dimensions: 145mm length x 195mm high x 85mm wide

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Longstone Lighthouse

Picture of Longstone Lighthouse

The Longstone Lighthouse, or Outer Farne as it was first called, is situated on Longstone Rock, one of the Outer Staple Islands. A light was requested for these islands by Sir John Clayton in the late 17th century and by Captain J. Blackett in 1755. Unfortunately both were rejected as the Elder Brethren of Trinity House were unable to obtain the consent of the affected parties to pay a toll for the maintenance of the light.

Scale 1:175
Dimensions: 224mm long x177mm high x 110 width

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Portland Bill Lighthouse

Picture of Portland Bill Lighthouse

Portland Bill epitomises everyones dream of a lighthouse, tall, symetrical and classically coloured, this model is a must for any lighthouse collector.

Model Scale: 1:150
Tower Height: 265mm
Made From: Clay and resin

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Trwyn Du Lighthouse

Picture of Trwyn Du Lighthouse

The island of Anglesey, off the coast of North Wales, must be rounded by coastal shipping making the passage up or down the western seaboard, and as a consequence of its position in a busy seaway has several major lights. Skerries was built first, followed a century later by South Stack and Point Lynas, the latter after the wreck of the "Rothesay Castle" on Puffin Island at the entrance to the Menai Strait in 1830.

190 x 70 x 70 mm

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Cromer Lighthouse

Picture of Cromer Lighthouse

Cromer Lighthouse stands guard over the North Coast of Norfolk. High on the cliffs it is just east of the seaside resort of Cromer.

Scale: 1:150
Dimensions: 135mm High 105mm Max width 70mm Tower Base
Made From: Plaster and Resin

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